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What to do when a prospective buyer is expected:

LET THERE BE LIGHT! Open the drapes, pull up the shades, and let the sunshine in! (Make sure the windows are sparkling clean.) Turn on the lights in each room for a warm welcome glow.

Tampa real estate MUSIC IS SOOTHING! Soft music on the radio, stereo, or your intercom is relaxing to potential buyers. Turn off the TV and let the music filter through the home.

COOL IT! Florida heat, especially in the summer, can be brutally uncomfortable for anyone shopping for a new home. Keep your home very cool for a welcome relief and the buyers may linger longer.

Tampa real estate DOGS ARE MAN'S BEST FRIENDS only if they're your own. Potential buyers may not care for animals and will not appreciate Fido jumping on them. Try to keep your pets out of the way, preferably outside.

HOME SWEET HOME! Never point out or apologize for anything you don't like in your home. Let the agent showing your home address any problems and answer any questions the buyer may have. 

AVOID CROWDS! Potential buyers may feel uncomfortable viewing your home if there are too many people around. Take a walk around the block or go for a ride while your home is being shown by an agent.

NO TIME FOR SOCIAL HOUR! A showing is not a social visit. Be courteous but try not to engage in conversation with the buyers and allow them to feel free to inspect the home.

REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE! Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

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